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Beacon House is a privately run non-profit organization that works  in conjunction with the medical care community to ensure patient access  to care.

Over 150,000 guest night stays have been provided since Beacon House  opened in June 2002.  With 33 private guest rooms, Beacon House is one  of the largest hospitality houses in the nation and accommodates a large  number of patients, caregivers and family members.

9/11 Rembrance

September 11: Remember… Never Forget

Do you recall where you were? I’ll bet that you do. Some memories are imprinted on our souls, aren’t they?

Today, I have a new 9/11 memory to add to my 14-year old one. I hope I will remember it just as long.

It is a one-hour period at Beacon House this morning, with 2 gift donors, 2 grandparents and a grandchild, 1 NICU Mom with 2 small children, the NICU Mom’s sister and her small boy. They were in the playroom, the kitchen, the lobby and the elevator and they all seemed to spill into each other’s lives, as well as all over the house!

There was hugging, laughter, squealing, giggling, shrieking, yelling and more laughter, and more hugging involved in this brief scenario. And it was awesome.

It was a snapshot of the home we’ve provided for these three families and how they overlapped to appreciate that “One Less Worry” that we aim to offer. As I wove my way through their human-roadblocks in the house on my way to open the door to invite the donors in, I lifted my feet for a small child to imaginarily vacuum, was stopped by another tiny one who wanted to know my name and if I knew his mommy, stopped again by a NICU mom who wanted to tell us how grateful she was, then by her sister who couldn’t believe what a difference we made in her families’ life by keeping them all affordably together for support, and tearfully hugged by two Grandparents from a different family, who couldn’t say thank you enough for changing how their family was able to deal with an early birth of a slowly developing premature baby. A thank you card was handed to me with, “Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, that you do unto me. Matthew 25:40.”

And so I wept again on 9/11. But for a very different reason.

Thank you, every one of you who helps to make Beacon House and the Hospitality Rooms available for our guests.

Let’s always remember the good that happens here.

2015 UPCGC!! Thank you to everyone who supports Beacon House!
More 2015 Team Photos!!!
2015 UPCGC Team Photos!!

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2015 UP Celebrity Golf Classic


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All the information on the UP Celebrity Golf Classic is right here… Watch for updates and photos of our 5th Annual!


2015 UP Celebrity Golf Classic



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Receiving Grace

It seems like it’s always snowing in the Keweenaw, and our trip to Houghton on the night of March 20th was no exception. Schools had been closed, and streets were piled high with the latest layer of winter, but our group of Beacon House “Ambassadors” could not be deterred. We had a mission. We were twelve in all, and we boarded our luxury bus, compliments of Checker Limo Service, and prepared ourselves for a blustery ride.







This is the pillow that rests the head of a weary neighbor staying at Beacon House, while…

He is being treated for cancer.

Her premature baby fights for life in the NICU.

He recovers from a limb amputation.

Her father undergoes major heart surgery.

He waits to hear if there is hope.

She waits for the Lord to take him.

He searches for answers.

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Beacon House operates on a donation basis and guests are expected to contribute at a level that is affordable for them.