Guest of five weeks donates TV to watch Packers at Beacon House

December 4, 2016

The Christmas tree in the lobby is so warm and inviting. The fireplace is lit and there are two guests reading books; near enough to be companionable, but respecting each other’s space.  The registration desk is close by, so they see new guests come in as they arrive, and offer their greetings. “You’re going to love the kitchen,” says one of the guests to a new arrival. “There’s always a pot of coffee on!” I smiled as I heard the second guest, putting down his book and saying, “And if there isn’t, let me know and I’ll make a fresh one!”Walter, who looks just like he arrived from Finland, is a serious football fan. Shortly after he came to spend five weeks with us while receiving cancer treatment, he determined that our old television in the guest lounge downstairs was in need of an upgrade, and went to Walmart. An hour later, the Packer’s were playing on the 55” set, and Walter and two other cancer patients were cheering them on.

For Walter, it’s as much about feeling at home as it is about getting the cancer care he needs. When your body is fighting, your soul needs comforting. He loved that he could give something back to the people who were helping him get through this tough time in his life. It gave him a sense of connection and ownership here.

And the Packers won.

Mary Tavernini Dowling, Beacon House CEO

Walter was also featured in our latest promo video, for his great beard…



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