It takes a village, Beacon House volunteers can’t stop volunteering, even during a volunteer party

Nov. 9th

This is how we roll at Beacon House on the day to celebrate our Volunteers:

First it started snowing, and the volunteer shoveler came. Then the volunteer kitchen help arrived to bake the pies. The volunteer decorating team took on the job of setting up a lunch buffet while the volunteer cleaners took the trash to the dumpster and swept up the floor. The volunteer cashiers from the Gift Shop came and passed out cookies and other sweet treats.

It seems our volunteers can’t stop volunteering.

We enjoyed some great laughs, holiday music and some yummy snacks, and then… the volunteers insisted on cleaning up.

For those of us who work at Beacon House and in the Hospitality Rooms, it was supposed to be a day for us to thank the incredible people who help us keep helping people. But when your hearts are made of gold and your passion is caring for others, I guess your need to be thanked isn’t as great as your need to serve.

And that’s how they roll at Beacon House. Simply amazing.

Mary Tavernini Dowling, Beacon House CEO

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