The Wig Salon

The Wig Salon is staffed by professional, licensed stylists who volunteer their time to help our guests select the perfect wig style, fit and color in a consultative setting. We offer complimentary wigs, hats and scarves for cancer patients through donations and proceeds of purchases at Hospitality Gifts and Your Coffee for a Cause.

Our gift shop is available by appointment only by calling (906) 225-3278. We are located on the first floor of the UPHS – Marquette East Entrance.

Beacon House Wig Salon strives to help cancer patients with hair loss

Article by WJMN’s Mollie Hollebeke

Used with permission from WJMN-TV, Local 3 News, Marquette, Michigan
The hair salon is a common stop for most women. And speaking for ladies all over the world, it’s a way to boost your confidence, and make you feel beautiful.

At the Beacon House Wig Salon, stylists are also giving patients undergoing chemotherapy or other medical treatments that might cause hair loss, the opportunity to do the same.”

MaryAnn Bernier, a 10-year breast cancer survivor, shared, “Right off I was told because of the chemotherapy that I was going to be given, that I would lose my hair in 14 days. And in 14 days, it started falling out.”
With hundreds of donated wigs, hand-made scarves, and passionate volunteers, the Wig Salon helps make hair loss from cancer treatment, a little easier to get through.

“By having a wig prepared and shaped for them, it allows them to feel a little bit more like themselves, and gain a little bit of control back in the situation,” said Jenny Webb, Volunteer Coordinator at the Wig Salon.

Stylists make each appointment as much like a regular salon visit as possible. And though appointments are private, most women like to seek a second opinion.

“We always encourage our patients when they’re coming in to be fit for a wig to bring a family member or a friend that can give their input. And also, of course, have the support,” Webb added.

MaryAnn Bernier also said, “It’s a salon. You’re sitting in a regular chair. I brought my friend Jill with me, so she was able to give me feedback on the different styles. We actually joked around and looked at a couple and were like ‘Oh, I should try something completely different!’

And there’s no doubt that love is in the hair, at the Wig Salon….

“We also encourage the patient to bring a photo of themselves, of their hair, how they like it, so we can try and get as close as possible to make them feel as good as possible,” said Webb.

“So right away that stylist was all about making sure I walked out of here feeling good, and feeling like I was ready for what I was going to face,” Bernier says.

Patients aren’t charged for salon services, though donations are encouraged.

If you are interested in making an appointment at the Beacon House Wig Salon, located at UP Health Systems – Marquette, contact Patricia at (906) 225-3278