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We are blessed to get great coverage for the Beacon House cause by local and regional media outlets. Please feel free to share our stories with your friends using the hashtag #ShareBeacon. If you are a member of the media and are interested in covering any of our major fundraisers, events, or wish to learn more about the Upper Peninsula Hospitality House, please e-mail Beacon House Marketing and PR at Andrew@UPBeaconHouse.org or Mary@UPBeaconHouse.org.  


Beacon House Preparing for Celebrity Golf Tournament

ABC 10 & CW 5 UP| April 21, 2017

This tournament is all about helping families who may be facing a crisis and need to turn to the Beacon House for support, along with the volunteers who make it all happen. Read More…

Beacon House Preparing for Celebrity Golf Tournament

WJMN Local 3 | April 20, 2017

It’s the Upper Peninsula’s biggest event of the year: the Hospitality House of the Upper Peninsula (HHUP) is finalizing plans for the 7th annual U.P. Celebrity Golf Classic (UPCGC) for Beacon House. Read More…

Yooper Hero, Renée Prince, gives time and asks nothing in return

ABC 10 & CW 5 UP Jan 4, 2016

Congratulations, Renée Prince! In this week’s segment of ABC10 & CW5 UP #YooperHero, Melanie Palmer-ABC 10 sat down with our incredible Renée Prince, who has given countless hours of volunteering to Beacon House Marquette and asks for nothing in return.  Read More…


Beacon House presentation at Golden K meeting

Iron Mountain Daily News Dec. 3, 2016

The ability to remain close to the hospital where their loved is —  is vital for the patient and the family. The Beacon House has been able to do this with much support from individuals, organizations, memorials. With the completion of the new Duke LifePoint Hospital in 2017 the Beacon House is again in the process of moving it’s facility to remain as close to the hospital as possible. Read More…

1Pasty Central donating holiday proceeds to Beacon House

Detroit Free Press Nov. 29,2016

Pasty Central is donating this year’s holiday proceeds to Beacon House Marquette! As featured in the Detroit Free Press, you can mail-order a Michigan gift in the form of a 14 ounce pasty this holiday season, and it goes towards a great cause. Calumet: Individual handmade pasties come in meat, vegetable and breakfast varieties and are shipped fully cooked and frozen. Four-pack costs $41; six-pack, $52; a dozen, $83. Each traditional pasty weighs 14 ounces.  Read More…

ansley-watson-tv6Hospitality Gifts Open House – Live TV-6 Morning News

TV 6 Morning News – Dec. 1, 2016

Our Open House at Hospitality Gifts – Gift Shop in MGH Lobby was featured this morning on TV6 Morning News with Ansley Watson TV6. Stop in today for amazing discounts and free cookies! Proceeds benefit Beacon House Marquette. The eight minute segment started at 5 a.m. to kick off the day of savings. Tadych’s EconoFoods Marquette, MI donated cookies.  Our gift shop expert Diane Tonella, and Beacon House CEO Mary Tavernini Dowling talked with TV 6’s Ansley Watson live on TV6 Morning. Read More…


VAST beats goal in raising funds 

ABC 10 / CW  5 Dec. 1 – 2016

One Marquette business met – and ultimately surpassed – their goal in a recent fundraiser for a local cause. Thirteen members of the VAST Insurance crew spent the month of November growing beards to raise funds for the Beacon House. The goal of the fundraiser – dubbed ‘Beards for Beacon House’ – was to raise $2,500. In the end, the shave-free group inspired the community to donate an extra $200. Read More…

hospital-update-11-30-16-755x437CEO: Hospital construction is right on schedule

ABC 10 / CW 5  Dec. 1 – 2016

In addition to the new hospital and medical office building that are going up at the old Roundhouse Property on Baraga Avenue, there are also plans to construct a new Beacon House. Where the Beacon House will be located is still being determined. “The Beacon House and I are in discussions right now about what that looks like,” said Sinotte. “We’re in discussions right now whether or not they remain in their current location or not and it really will be their decision. We’re very mindful of their position in the community and the great work they do.” Read More…


Beards for Beacon campaign a success

TV 6 – Dec. 1 – 2016

Now that the month of November is over, the Beards for Beacon fundraiser has ended. Thirteen men from VAST Insurance in Marquette grew their beards out to raise awareness and funds for the Beacon House in Marquette. Throughout their Facebook campaign, the men raised $2,700. That’s $200 more than their original goal. All the money goes to the Beacon House, a hospitality house which helps those receiving care at Marquette General Hospital. Read More…

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Beacon House operates on a donation basis and guests are expected to contribute at a level that is affordable for them.