Phase I

Beacon house has a plan, and you are a big part of it.

Since we first opened our doors on Third Street in Marquette, we’ve been taking care of people in medical crises from Bessemer to the Soo, from Copper Harbor to Menominee, and then some! These people are your neighbors, your friends, perhaps your family, perhaps you.

Two hundred thousand guest-nights have been provided so far, and with your help, we’ll continue our mission and keep providing care without too long of an interruption. With the hospital moving, we need to move. In order to do that, we need to sell what we have and build new. We’ve listed the property for sale and created a plan to open the new house in 2019 with Phase I.

Our new house will be designed to be a Hospitality House, from the ground up.

Our floor plan will be welcoming to all families. Using U.P. contractors and donated services, we hope to be able to start building as close to the opening of UPHS-Marquette in 2018. A grass-roots campaign “Legacy of Love” includes every U.P. community coming together.

Phase I – 2019

When we reach $3 million in pledges, we’ll break ground and begin construction of a 20 room Beacon House on the property the hospital is leasing to us at no charge. This first phase will feature all the important aspects of the new Beacon House, including the registration lobby, kitchen and dining room, cancer lounge, guest lounge, conference rooms and the first 20 guest rooms.

How You Can Help

$250,000 is needed for our 2018 program operations

  • From donations, fundraising proceeds, and grants

$2.5 million more is needed to break ground on Phase 1

  • From one-time gifts and pledges spread over five years

We hope to raise $1.5 million from the sale of the existing building, netting $600,000 after building-loans and the taxes from the building sale are paid. The proceeds will be used to begin an endowment for the future debt-free operations of the new Beacon House.