Phase One

Phase One

Since we first opened our doors on Third Street in Marquette, we’ve been taking care of people in medical crises from Bessemer to the Soo, from Copper Harbor to Menominee, and then some! These people are your neighbors, your friends, perhaps your family, perhaps you.

324,739  overnight stays have been provided at Beacon House and The Hospitality Rooms in the old hospital.  With your help, we’ll continue our mission and keep providing care without too long of an interruption. The hospital has moved, and we needed to move to stay close by. Our interim program, “Operation Overnight” is helping families find the most affordable lodging available, but when a medical crisis strikes, nothing can take the place of a hospitality house right next to the hospital.

Phase One Plans

When we reach $3 million in pledges, we’ll break ground and begin construction of a 20 room Beacon House on the property the hospital is allowing us to use, right next door, at no charge. This first phase will feature all the important aspects of the new Beacon House, including the registration lobby, kitchen and dining room, cancer lounge, guest lounge, children’s playroom and the first 20 guest rooms. Of those 20 rooms, 18 will be feature 2 double beds, and 2 rooms will be Family Suites.

Phase I
Beacon House Features:

How You Can Help

Make the “906 Pledge” today!

Michigan is known as the “906” from the area code that represents our occupants of this beautiful part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We are encouraging people to make the 906 Pledge, a $9.06 monthly donations to help support our programs! Click HERE to sign up!

  • $9.06 per month
    • 1 year = $108.72
    • 2 years = $217.44
    • 3 years = $326.16
    • 4 years = $434.88
    • 5 years = $543.60

$660,740 more is needed to break ground on Phase 1

  • From one-time gifts and pledges spread over five years, 2019-2023