This year, Beacon House celebrates its 15th anniversary at its present location in Marquette, Michigan.

The original Beacon House, located on College Avenue, opened in 1990 after the Marquette General Hospital Auxiliary recognized a need for those radiation and oncology patients who lived too far away to commute for their treatments in Marquette. Soon after a second home, the Hospitality House, opened its doors to accommodate the family members of Marquette General Health System patients.

When the hospital determined the need for more parking space, the two small houses were slated to be torn down. In September 2001, the volunteer group formed a board of directors, filed for a 501c3 independent, non-profit status and set out to purchase The Village Inn, and nearby hotel that was for sale at the time. After much consideration, a loan was granted and the Beacon House at 1301 N. Third Street in Marquette began operating the donation based hospitality house with 35 guest rooms, a community kitchen, children’s play room and a guest lounge.

On January 1, 2014, Beacon House also began operating the 11 hospitality rooms with 22 beds at the hospital. These programs work in conjunction with patient and family needs for proximity to the hospital and services.

When the new owners of the hospital, Duke LifePoint, announced their plans to build a new hospital on the other side of town, the board of directors began researching the opportunity to build a new Beacon House next to the new hospital.

We secured land next to the new location of UPHS – Marquette in the summer of 2017, and the Capital Campaign ‘Legacy of Love’ was re-surged to raise funds for the construction of a new Beacon House. The Beacon House location on Third Street went on sale, and we’re excited for the future.