The Beacon House building and land on Third Street officially went on the market August 30, 2017. We have sold the “old” Beacon House and are excited to create a wonderful new lodging facility to provide all the warmth and comforts that our guests need during difficult times.

The non-profit organization is asking $1.5 million in the sale, in order to create an endowment with the funds remaining after paying off their building loan. The House Hospitality House of the U.P. (HHUP) borrowed $1.5 million to create Beacon House from the Village Inn, and still owe nearly $800,000 to Range Bank.

Throughout the process, the mission of Beacon House will endure.

“Beacon House is not a building,” said HHUP CEO Mary Tavernini Dowling. “It’s an organization of loving and compassionate people who care about their neighbors in a medical crisis. We will continue our program for as long as the people of the U.P. need us, in the best capacity available to us.”

Beacon House still needs to raise a total of $3 million in trade, in-kind services, and monetary donations before breaking ground on a new facility near the future UPHS-Marquette hospital site. The endowment created from the sale of Beacon House will aid in the financial operation of the U.P.’s only hospitality house for the future.

Beacon House’s capital campaign ‘Legacy of Love’ was resurged in July when UP Health System allotted a two-acre plot of land to be utilized for the new hospitality house near the new hospital.

The building, formerly the Village Inn, has been listed with Darlene Martin from Select Realty.

“Darlene Martin has been a part of the Beacon House family for many years,” said Tavernini Dowling. “She’s been a donor, a volunteer, and has helped us in so many ways. We feel confident that listing the building for sale with her is the best next step for us, and are looking forward to working with her and potential buyers for the property.”

Officials at Beacon House say the cohesive timing of getting the listing on the market and raising funds for a new Beacon House is essential, and finding a buyer early in the process will help ensure a permanent future for guests.

“We have significant work ahead of us to build our new Beacon House next to the new hospital,” said Tavernini Dowling, “Listing this property is a great first step.”

In addition to 33 rooms at Beacon House, HHUP currently operates the Hospitality Rooms at UPHS-Marquette, a 21-bed floor for families of patients receiving critical care in the hospital. Tavernini Dowling says if a buyer should want to take ownership of the house on Third Street before the new house is built, Beacon House will continue to run their hospitality program through the Rooms in the current hospital until they are able to open their new house.

“We don’t know how long it will take before we find a buyer for our existing property, but our focus is now turning toward the future and ensuring that we’re able to build our new house as soon as our funds are raised. Selling this location and paying off our loan is essential to this strategy.”

Beacon House says they recognize the fragility of the venture, and, pending a sale, will do everything in their ability to fulfill the needs of their guests in the interim. Demand for donation-based lodging at Beacon House is currently at an apex. The house has been on a waiting-list for guests since the beginning of summer.

“The patients and families with the highest and most critical needs will always be our first priority when assisting with medical hospitality lodging,” said Dowling.

Dowling says this is a crucial step toward building a long-term future for Beacon House. Those interested in the property should contact Darlene Martin at (906) 360-9028 or via e-mail at selectdar@gmail.com. Click the link below to donate to Beacon House’s capital campaign Legacy of Love.

Beacon House becomes a home away from home for patients and families that travel across the U.P. to receive specialty medical care at U.P. Health System- Marquette and the Upper Peninsula Medical Center.

Darlene Martin is an associate broker / owner of Select Realty, Inc., Marquette’s largest full-service independent real estate company. Martin is a member of the Michigan Association of REALTORS®, the National Association of REALTORS® and Upper Peninsula REALTORS®.