Mother’s mind at ease after being terrified of daughter leaving hospital

December 7th, 2016

When I met Denise, we were standing in the middle of the hospital gift shop. TV 6 had just wrapped up a segment on the shop and how the proceeds from all the sales supported Beacon House. Denise was eager to tell me how much she appreciated the work we do at Beacon House and how it made all the difference in the world to her and her mother.

When Denise got the call downstate that her mom had a stroke, she threw her clothes into a suitcase, jumped in the car and drove through the night to be with her in the hospital. Holding her hand and stroking her hair, she promised her sweet mother that she’d be nearby and that she would never be alone. When her mother pleaded with her not to go over to Beacon House that night because it seemed so far away, Denise made the decision to just sleep in the chair in her mom’s hospital room.

A nurse who was tending to her mom overheard the distressing conversation and called our Hospitality Rooms to see if there was a bed for Denise. She told me, “I knew my mom was uneasy and my being there brought her great comfort. The stroke certainly affected her reasoning, but she seemed terrified of me leaving the hospital. Being able to stay just a few floors away was such a relief. I was able to get some sleep and something to eat, and be right back with her.”

There is no one else in the world like a mother. They’ve spent their entire lives taking care of us, and when they need us in return, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them. Knowing that we helped this small family be together means everything to me. I’m so grateful that Beacon House Rooms in the hospital kept one mother resting peacefully knowing her daughter was nearby.

Mary Tavernini Dowling, Beacon House CEO

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