Adopt a Day

The Adopt-A-Day Program provides friends, families, and guests the opportunity to support Beacon House by sponsoring days that have special significance to them such as a memorial date, birth date, anniversary date or other occasion. It is also a wonderful way for businesses to show their support for our ministry.

A gift of $100 sponsors one day at Beacon House. Donors may sponsor as many days as they choose. A donor may sponsor any day during the year provided that day has not already been reserved.
On each day that is sponsored, the name of the person who is being recognized is displayed on our website and the Adopt-A-Day Calendar at Beacon House.

To join the Adopt-A-Day Program, simply complete and return the form on the bottom of this page. Thank you!


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Beacon House operates on a donation basis and guests are expected to contribute at a level that is affordable for them.