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For the past 17 years we have made a difference in the lives of patients and families during a medical crisis by providing over 324,000 guest nights at Beacon House.

Now, we have the opportunity to create a new Beacon House next to the new hospital.

A Beacon House that is specially designed to be a Hospitality House, and an endowment fund that will help with operational expenses in the future.

Think of it as Beacon House 3.0 where for the third time, we’ve accepted the changes we’re facing with the determination to continue helping those who need us most.

The hospital has moved and it’s time for us to start building next door.

By building new, nearby, with the right size and appropriate funding, we can continue on our mission to provide a safe, affordable place to stay for cancer patients and other medical emergencies.

Let’s do this together. With your help, we can build the Beacon House that will be here for all the years to come.

Steve Mariucci

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