906 Pledge

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The 906 Pledge
For the Steve Mariucci Family Beacon House

Michigan’s U.P. is known as the “906” from the area code that represents the 311,361 occupants of this beautiful upper half of Michigan. When a medical emergency occurs in any of the fifteen counties, their community hospital is there to provide immediate care. But when specialty medical care is needed, most often they are referred to Marquette’s UP Health System for life saving and other treatments. Far from home, they’ve always been able to count on the Beacon House for a safe, affordable place to stay. Now, Beacon House is asking all the people in the U.P. to help build the Steve Mariucci Family Beacon House right next to the new hospital, so that we can continue to serve those who need us most.

If everyone in the 906 pledged $9.06 each month for a year or more, our campaign will be done! If you, or someone you know has needed Beacon House, please make the 906 Pledge today!

To Make The 906 Pledge

Option One:

  • Click THIS LINK
  • Click the pledge button
  • Enter amount and frequency (up to 60 months, which is 5 years)
  • Enter your contact information and credit card information

The system will automatically bill your card one time, then again with whatever frequency you selected. You will be notified via email when your card has been changed. That’s it!

Option Two:

  • Call our office at (906) 225-7100 with your credit card information, and we’ll manually process your pledge and payment for you!

$9.06 per month

1 year (12 months) = $108.72
2 years (24 months) = $217.44
3 years (36 months) = $326.16
4 years (48 months) = $434.88
5 years (60 months) = $543.60