Wonderful Women & Magnificent Men

What is the most incredible thing about living in this beautiful area? The wonderful women and the magnificent men who live here. The ones who make a difference in the lives of strangers when they see a need.

Over coffee one recent Sunday morning, CEO of Beacon House Mary Dowling told her sister, Allyssa, about the amazing group of people she recently met who had been touched by cancer in some way. There were cancer survivors, cancer patients and families of people who had lost someone special to the deadly disease. But they all were at our event, The Walt Kyle Mile and “The Dash” 5k run to support each other and people they’d never meet staying here at Beacon House. One woman with an amputated leg was so excited to have “walked” with Walt Kyle. Another had lost her daughter to cancer but was inspired to celebrate her life by helping others. Having lost our father to cancer, Mary and her sister were very aware of how the smallest of things could make a big difference to a family or a patient fighting for life. She told Allyssa how much they touched her heart with their stories of what helped them through, and that she was thinking of seeking out 100 women to donate $100 each for Beacon House so that when we saw need for something special for our cancer guests, we could comfortably just do it, and not worry about being able to afford it. Before she was finished with her thought, Allyssa pulled out her checkbook and handed her a check. “Let me start it for you,” she said. “Let’s just do it.”

“I am so proud to say that Allyssa Anderson launched this program, along with our mother, Marjory Tavernini,” said Dowling. “I was thrilled to be the third one! Right behind us were Sue LeGalley and Renee Prince, along with Jenny Webb and husband, Dr. Jon Webb as our first Magnificent Man!

By joining “The Beacon House Society of 100 Wonderful Women & 100 Magnificent Men” you’ll be helping to support Beacon House, provide a bit of comfort … and show them that they’re not alone in their struggle.

Please join Allyssa Tavernini Anderson, Maggie Tavernini, Mary Tavernini Dowling and Sue LeGalley in the Beacon House Society of 100 Wonderful Women & 100 Magnificent Men. With a donation of $100, you’ll join us in providing the funds to cover many special purchases that will make the difference in the lives of some of the guests who stay at Beacon House. When we see a need here, we just fill it. A cancer patient craving Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream. A NICU mom who needs a bus ticket. A patient who could only afford to eat from the “Help Yourself” cupboard and hadn’t had any fresh fruit or vegetables in weeks. We just do it, and with the help of these 100 WW and MM, we’ll be able to continue to do so. Once a month you’ll receive an email with an update of how we’re doing. You’ll also be the first to learn of new events and other interesting developments. Thank you for being the Wonderful Women and Magnificent Men that you are!

Thank you for being the WW’s and MM’s in their lives.


The first of 100 Wonderful Women:

1. Allyssa Anderson
2. Marjory Tavernini
3. Mary Tavernini Dowling
4. Sue LeGalley
5. Renée Prince
6. Jenny Webb
7. Judy Haltunen
8. Sandra Zurcher
9. Diane Zurcher
10. Terri Brittain
11. Michele Butler
12. Joan Dowling Schetter
13. Lynn Moon
14. Marion Sonderegger
15. Barbara Dowling
16. India Benton Lesser
17. Amy Hubinger
18. Margaret Kekko
19. Lynne Hammerstrom
20. Kay LeDuc
21. Shirley Hivala
22. Sharon Scholke
23. Katie Reynolds
24. Dr. Melanie Purres
25. Judy Bartol
26. Kathryn Maynard
27. Mary Klahn
28. Donna Schneider
29. Nicole Alexander
30. Mary Sischo
31. Jennifer Baldwin, MD
32. Lenore Usher
33. John Pastore’s Mom
34. Caroline Gutzman
35. Julie Elder
36. Patricia Foldenauer
37. Marianne White
38. Judy Farrell
39. Sharon Arntsen
40. Deb Rolig
41. Judy Phillips
42. Patricia Rasmussen
43. Anne Weaver
44. Christine Kilpela
45. Frances Derleth
46. Nancy Beyers Wakeman
47. Karen Kimar Johnson
48. Maggie Mahoney
49. Catherine Johnson
50. Louise Griffith
51. Monajean Rose
52. Gina Feltner Bouws
53. Dr. Louise Archibald
54. Carolyn Severson
55. Char Ahola
56. Marie Dobbs
57. Barbara Dowling
58. Florence Dowling
59. Carol Hill
60. Mary Anne Kublin
61. Ruth Nara
62. Pat Pellett
63. Judy Phillips
64. Mary Jane Robertson
65. Gladys Wiianen
66. Louise Archibald
67. Linda Million

The first of 100 Magnificent Men:

1. Dr. Jon Webb
2. John Prince
3. Kevin Dowling
4. Jeff Brittain
5. Paul Wolfson
6. Gordon LeDuc
7. Timothy Snow
8. Fred Maynard, MD
9. Jay Rowe
10. Dr. Kenneth Chu
11. Douglas Baldwin, MD
12. James Elder
13. Gene Arntsen
14. Dan Phillips
15. Les Rolig
16. Steve Severson
17. Bill Weaver
18. James Derleth
19. Calvin Klusmeyer
20. Frank Bartol
21. Anthony Bertucci
22. Robert Johnson
23. Vincent Rose
24. Randall L. Hubinger
25. Guillermo Herrera
26. Robert Derleth
27. Richard Dowling
28. Calvin Klusmeyer
29. Don Grisham
30. David Johnson
31. Tom LeGalley, MD
32. Robert O’Nara
33. Burns Severson
34. John Tavernini
31. David Wiitanen
31. George Million

Please join us with a $100 donation (click the Donate button) and make a difference in the life of a guest at Beacon House today!